During the next check

yes, let him eat a treat - because he did

big kid in dry pants. Let the child

check doll panties two or three times with Perera

tion in a few minutes.

Doll "pissing" in panties

A second child and distract shed some

of water on the panties dolls. During the next

check he discovers that the doll wet. Ask

Pour the contents of the pot into the toilet

those baby express their dissatisfaction with the fact that it

"Written" in the pants, "No, Dolly, large de

vochki not wet panties. " If the kid did not say,

ask him, pointing at the doll, whether it is a child. He

should nod. Then ask your child to teach

doll "potty." Note also that the friction

Rovki allow her to remember where she was supposed to do

"Pee-pee." Help your child to carry the doll to the pot

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