Appear forehead, face

Midwife at this time carefully displays head. If you need any attempts midwife asks woman in childbirth is a little tighter fight. Appear forehead, face and chin newborn.


Since the advent of the head to complete the child's birth is just a few seconds, during which you need to push as hard as possible - there are closets.

Midwife helps the child to be born.

Sometimes when there is a clear threat to childbirth perineal. In such cases, the incision is made perineum. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, that is, you will not feel pain. Perineal incision sutured easier and better healing than laceration. And the child is better if he does not rest long and hard in the crotch impassable, breaking it, and relatively easy to pass through the pre-cut.

The baby was born!


Birth of the Child recognizes the tremendous stress the majority of psychologists.

Nevertheless, armed kid: first, the brain and adrenal glands produce special substances that act during childbirth as a potent analgesic drug. Second, immediately after birth in the baby's blood increases the content of other substances, analgesics, which also act analgesic. Their level returns to normal until the end of the first week of life. These substances are necessary for the regulation of hormone synthesis pancreas, adrenal gland, gastrointestinal tract and other hormones, as well as for regulation of the cardiovascular and other organ systems functional neonate. Third, the child (and mom) in the blood increased levels of oxytocin (you already know about this important hormone that is responsible among other functions including for what people forget about undergoing pain).

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