Useful knitting, sewing, embroidery, singing, playing

child is much narrower scope of the skull, the head during labor may get stuck when leaving the cervix, causing the injured and the baby and the mother. Therefore, women with such placement fetus at 31 weeks of pregnancy appoint a complex corrective exercises, through which the baby until the 34th week can still roll in the optimum position.

Communication with the unborn child

Feng shui experts believe that the child's traits are laid before birth. You need to go to the theater more often, listen to good music. Useful knitting, sewing, embroidery, singing, playing music, drawing. Proved that all the feelings mom passed and her baby.

Take a few minutes, arrange most comfortable, close to 20 seconds your eyes and imagine any color or just as a spot or in the form of any object, such as a balloon.

Master of feng shui believe that the color that you prefer, symbolizes your emotional state.

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