Lemon wash and cut into

Method of preparation

Tomatoes washed, cut in half, remove the seeds with a teaspoon. Each half with salt and pepper and drizzle with vinegar.

Peel and chop the eggs. Parsley, wash, dry and finely chop. Pickled cucumber peeled and cut into cubes. Lemon wash and cut into thin slices. Wash lettuce.

Cod liver mince and mix with prepared eggs, parsley and pickled cucumber. Add minced tomato sauce and mix thoroughly.

Fill the tomato halves meat and combine together to form a whole tomato.

Share stuffed tomatoes on a dish, put on each tomato thin slice of lemon. Snack ready to decorate green salad and serve.

Tomatoes stuffed with cheese


4-5 tomatoes, 100 grams of cheese, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1/2 bunch of dill.

Method of preparation

Wash the tomatoes, cut off the tops and remove the teaspoon of pulp and seeds. Dill Wash and finely chop. Cheese grate, mix with mayonnaise. Fill the prepared mixture of tomatoes, put them on a platter and serve.

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