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Experience shows, however, that help is needed, whether on vacation or husband mother in the evenings. Better then refuse aid than it will not be missed.

All family members are obliged to assist a woman in childbirth, which after childbirth weakened health. It may be a low postpartum hemoglobin, with which urgently need to fight, and sleepless nights, and simply can not. May be postpartum depression and chronic fatigue.

Therefore it is possible to assign responsibilities. Someone walks with the baby, diaper wipes someone, someone stroking someone goes to the store, someone prepares a meal.

Kids Corner

Children must be tailored to the child at every stage of its development. Over time, the child seat in the house changes. Baby should be near the parents' room. Young children love to sleep in the same room with siblings, as it gives them a sense of security. And as the children get older, they need more independence and space.

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