Woman sits

Biphasic breath performed in the morning, after breakfast and a few minutes relaxing to the sounds of soft music. Prerequisite for the holding procedure is fresh air - you need to open the window or out on the balcony, in the cold time of year certainly beforehand to ventilate the room. Woman sits comfortably closes one nostril with your finger (eg, right) and left quietly through a deep breath (it - the first phase). Then closes it and breathes without delaying it already through the right nostril, but slower than inhaled (second phase). Next breath carries the right, that is one of the nostrils, which breathed, and so on.

As a result of these exercises can be released from the nose mucus, some clots, and regular classes (every 10 minutes) even promote healing of chronic tonsillitis. In the future, this technique is useful for the elimination of the first symptoms of rhinitis in your children.

Breathe correctly: three-phase four-phase and breath

To sleep soundly, using a three-phase technique of breathing.

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