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Iron is found in liver, meat, egg yolks, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, fish and seafood. Furthermore, sometimes prescribed during pregnancy iron preparations in combination with ascorbic acid.

Note that iron syrups affect tooth enamel and make such preparations are better in capsules.

If your doctor has prescribed you iron supplements, cut in your diet quantity of dairy products - calcium interferes with the absorption of iron.

Daily requirement - not less than 15-20 mg.

Iodine is important for thyroid cancer, and its deficiency can lead to a decrease in the child's intellectual level. Overdosing is dangerous the same (there is roughly the same as with vitamin C: hard body begins to withdraw the excess iodine and can not stop in time, causing a deficiency of iodine).

Has long been noted that in areas poor in iodine, more children are born with the features of mental development. And this, unfortunately, do not fix it after birth.

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