Children usually

Pets porridge

If any allergic conditions were observed in the child or in the immediate family, the better to lure this child porridge, cooked in broth made from apples (dried or fresh), rather than milk. Children usually good to eat buckwheat, rice, oatmeal porridge. Cereals in dry form should be good to grind (to the state of flour). Initially prepare a decoction of apples (without salt and sugar) and it cook porridge of milled grains. The first time you can give a child to breastfeed one tablespoon of this gruel (consistency of liquid cream), and then supplementary feeding breast milk. The next day to have two tablespoons of oatmeal. In the future, gradually adding cereal entirely replace it one breastfeeding.

As for semolina, it should be remembered that it binds calcium and phosphorus, and thus provoked rickets. This may have implications

for children born in the winter. Therefore, the better to do without semolina and mixtures containing it.

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