Woman excited, or, conversely, apathetic, complaining

not marked. If vomiting occurs several times a day, no specific treatment is usually not indicated.

Despite the prolonged study of the problem before the end of the causes of toxicity has not been elucidated. According to the most popular theory, neuro-reflex, toxicosis develop due to pathological impulses emanating from the ovum and sent to the brain of the mother.

Less likely to develop uncontrollable vomiting, repeated 20 times a day and more. This form is dangerous because it leads to dehydration and depletion of the body. The body temperature slightly increased, pulse speeded up, blood pressure is lowered, the tongue is coated, there is halitosis (sometimes the smell of acetone). The skin becomes dry, limp. Woman excited, or, conversely, apathetic, complaining of insomnia. It also reduces the amount of urine, its analysis shows the presence of proteins, acetone, etc. In severe cases, the body temperature rises considerably, the pulse becomes very frequent, yellow skin, a woman may experience delirium.

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