Relax all the muscles. Quiet

With tons of I with n and n o j k s t e n e n t i k and i n n and n s l o p a r k, and s and t s l o to to and from a u t i s t e n s. T h e in d and t e

r y and to in with tons of p o n s, p and y to about l to r t i n o s t e n e - a d o x e r n a t e and s with in and x of d n o n e l o w o n e - a s d o x.

C o in to r and t e r a 4-5 s, n t e o x o d t i o s t e n s.

A e and f and n with n and n e. T h e o o p e d n o f a r & b and n e n o r in to o l e n n o m m a r b e d o p e n n o m a s t y and x and with

ld on a p e m e n n s m r & b and n and f m py to in l o c t e s in x and y l e s h a n t I n s x to y with m and max (6-8 p and s fo r to a train of th e

n o r s). A s h a n e a p r o and s to about l n o e.


25. The starting position is the same. Relax all the muscles. Quiet breathing with the gradual deepening of exhalation (perform from 30 seconds to 1 minute).

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