Thanks to this

more fruits and vegetables, abandoned sausages, sausages and from

and spice products containing different "E"

stabilizers and dyes. Thanks to this way of life,

two months my husband weighed one hundred and eight pounds,

now began to weigh ninety four, and I'm sixty

four pounds weight reduced to fifty-nine.

The result is obvious! It was nice to see for themselves and

husband. Besides, I have bought in a drugstore silicone

bank and anti-cellulite massage every day their

buttocks and thighs, so that the skin has become more supple and smooth,

as well as reduce the size of the hips with a hundred to two centimeters

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Hardening and reupload

Hardening and reupload on tummy

Especially combined these two threads , because that ventilate child ass better all , laying its on tummy .

If you all - still decide use pacifier , then not Remember to buy and special clip to its mounting , to not lose at a walk , and also have with yourself always spare , exactly such same .

And I you beg , if the nipple fell , not must its lick and again giving a child ! You even not represent yourself , what number of microorganisms , threatening the health of the baby , is contained in your saliva !

And yet . I would very like , to Dummy not was to you means to conservation own tranquility . Indeed if baby crying , then , that - that its worried . can " plug " this concern , and one can first try understand its cause and help the child .

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Therefore it is not should

Shiki! ", just for the fact that his pants dry" This con

feta for Billy. He dry panties! ".

The kid did everything correctly and receives a candy

When to use special incentives

During training using various models

activation, but be careful: some promotion

of - food, drink, hugs, pats - can

distract the child from what he was doing. Therefore it is not

should use them if they are obstacles

Vat development of a training phase, in particular

STI testing panties and immediately after

baby pee in the potty. All other incentives

to encourage the child to not interfere, as they

oral and generally do not involve solid


Hug your child to praise him

for the desire to please you

Think positively

At the beginning of learning to praise the child should practice

dielectric constant, in order to create a warm atmosphere

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It is essential

Daily requirement - 1000 ME.

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Folic acid (vitamin C) it is particularly important during pregnancy. It is essential for the synthesis of nucleic acids, the formation of hemoglobin, skin epithelium cell renewal, gastrointestinal tract, airways.

Folic acid promotes normal absorption of vitamin B.

Deficiency leads to severe anemia, disorders of the digestive tract of the mother and to various violations of fetal growth. Sources of folic acid - green leafy vegetables, liver, cantaloupe, orange juice. In addition, it is synthesized by intestinal microflora (enemies synthesized in the intestine of vitamin are, as you already know, worms and antibiotics with sulfonamides).

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