Furthermore, sometimes

Iron is found in liver, meat, egg yolks, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, fish and seafood. Furthermore, sometimes prescribed during pregnancy iron preparations in combination with ascorbic acid.

Note that iron syrups affect tooth enamel and make such preparations are better in capsules.

If your doctor has prescribed you iron supplements, cut in your diet quantity of dairy products - calcium interferes with the absorption of iron.

Daily requirement - not less than 15-20 mg.

Iodine is important for thyroid cancer, and its deficiency can lead to a decrease in the child's intellectual level. Overdosing is dangerous the same (there is roughly the same as with vitamin C: hard body begins to withdraw the excess iodine and can not stop in time, causing a deficiency of iodine).

Has long been noted that in areas poor in iodine, more children are born with the features of mental development. And this, unfortunately, do not fix it after birth.

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Liver is not able

It was in the first month of pregnancy, women start to feel nauseous. Begins early toxicosis. Increases the flow of saliva, which is also very unpleasant. Liver is not able to quickly adjust to the increased workload (it additionally displays and products exchange toddler), so some metabolic products linger in the body longer than necessary, and of feeling unwell. Prigasit its manifestations can, reducing the burden on the liver: withdraw from the diet fried, smoked, spicy, fatty dishes, eat small meals 6 - 8 times a day, the last meal reception no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Kid in the first month

First week. Fallopian tube of a fertilized egg 3 day moves into the uterus. Читать полностью -->

And I told him that

to relieve stress and to create a "fair this company»

a heap of trouble from their boss (because, according to curly,

apartment belonged to their boss, not them). Man became

request that I did not do what they Getting tons of

Head for the mess. And I told him that night, and already

tired of waiting for me at home parents, so the only thing for him

solution - is to take me home. He agreed: "How

just come out of the other rooms, you immediately took m. "

"Well, - I said - just as long as I sit here."

I remember how his eyes were filled with tears when Kinky

man looked into the hall and saw the "new renovation"

arranged by me. "It will teach him a lesson!" - Satisfied, I thought.

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Woman sits

Biphasic breath performed in the morning, after breakfast and a few minutes relaxing to the sounds of soft music. Prerequisite for the holding procedure is fresh air - you need to open the window or out on the balcony, in the cold time of year certainly beforehand to ventilate the room. Woman sits comfortably closes one nostril with your finger (eg, right) and left quietly through a deep breath (it - the first phase). Then closes it and breathes without delaying it already through the right nostril, but slower than inhaled (second phase). Next breath carries the right, that is one of the nostrils, which breathed, and so on.

As a result of these exercises can be released from the nose mucus, some clots, and regular classes (every 10 minutes) even promote healing of chronic tonsillitis. In the future, this technique is useful for the elimination of the first symptoms of rhinitis in your children.

Breathe correctly: three-phase four-phase and breath

To sleep soundly, using a three-phase technique of breathing.

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I told her that

conversation with me, so I continued: "Do you want tomorrow

genera I Go NIL? Better days after m to give birth, when all

specialists on site. If suddenly, so they quickly

react "- suggested the doctor.

"Yes, I agree," - I said, and immediately introduced a gynecologist

complete shock.

"I never, in Sun time, I have never heard

such rapid and decisive response. Yes, I strongly

surprised. Well, what? Yes m request for tomorrow? ".

"Yes, I'm ready," - I said and ran over the body shivers.

When I entered the room, Nastia immediately began to ask

a lot of questions. Apparently, at the mo m face was sun and so

written. I told her that tomorrow to give birth, the doctor I

explained how and what will happen, and feverishly began

to put their belongings. Читать полностью -->

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