And hiccough

Incidentally, hiccup them enjoy. I made namely such concluded by observing for its daughter. Sometimes me it seemed that more second - and it just frankly giggled from pleasure. Observe for their children. And yet, by the way: hiccup they extremely loudly. And hiccough them absolutely not prevents and not harms.

Methods termination hiccups:

- revile a column, patting on back;

- bear walk (not know why, but sometimes triggered);

- wrap in warm blanket or wear socks;

- nothing not do (early or late fires too).

Cramps and GAZ cars

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Lemon wash and cut into

Method of preparation

Tomatoes washed, cut in half, remove the seeds with a teaspoon. Each half with salt and pepper and drizzle with vinegar.

Peel and chop the eggs. Parsley, wash, dry and finely chop. Pickled cucumber peeled and cut into cubes. Lemon wash and cut into thin slices. Wash lettuce.

Cod liver mince and mix with prepared eggs, parsley and pickled cucumber. Читать полностью -->

Girls that lay ahead, saying

esch hour and a half times as I have time free for lunch.

I was lucky, and everyone who was in the same time that I

in the hospital, only one thing: the fact that the hospital

expected arrival of the commission sanepidemstantsii so

daily menu was quite varied: and omelets,

porridge, and casseroles and cakes, and fish carcasses as accumulated, and more

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

more. Girls that lay ahead, saying that

given only porridge and only "Var tion gray hens" from

which after a week already sick vengeance. So with

zhkoy straining food was not. And my mom with my husband I

often brought lint and cooked

at home.

A few days later put on the first girl Lina

preservation with a maturity thirty three weeks. Do not there were any

problems with the uterus, so she e "sewed up." Lina was

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If mastitis is detected

Prevention: hygiene, early detection and treatment lactostasis, timely treatment of fractures of juices, as they are the "gateway" for infection.

Treatment should be carried out immediately! In this case the child weaned do not need! Woman doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics, and the need to tell your doctor that you want to continue to breastfeed. Perhaps the problem will be solved natural antibiotics propolis, mummy, as well as vitamin taxes and means to enhance immunity, all this should be discussed with your doctor.

If mastitis is detected at an early stage, when the chest is infiltration, has not yet turned into pus, treatment is carried out as in Lactostasis. If you need to decant, do not need to do it manually, using express electric breast pump, to avoid spreading the infection throughout the breast.

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Sometimes there may be a reduction

Digestive system and liver. In the first weeks of pregnancy, you may experience nausea and vomiting, aversion to food, to show dissatisfaction with some kinds of food and a passion for others, but to change most of the digestive system, these signs have nothing to do - it changes your nervous system.

During pregnancy, generally increases salivation, saliva acidity increases, which contributes to damage to the tooth enamel. Gums become more sensitive and bleed easily damaged.

Work most of the digestive system, in principle, does not change, although somewhat inhibited due to hormonal changes. Sometimes there may be a reduction in gastric acidity. However, the conditions of the intestine with each week broken because of the growing uterus constricts his back and stomach - and back up. Because of this, it is better not to overload the digestive tract and eat less, but more often.

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