Subject to the necessary

Delicate problems

As a rule, during pregnancy many women develop a tendency to constipation, which progressively increases with increasing time. To ensure that the bowel healthy pregnant recommended to eat more roughage. Correct, varied diet to avoid constipation, bloating, stomach resulting in no pressure on the uterus and the fetus develops fully.

Intestine pregnant should act in certain hours, best of all - in the mornings and desirable - in the evening. Subject to the necessary diet and nutrition additional effort is required. In those cases where the activity of the intestine is impaired, pregnant need to consult your doctor for advice on what kind of tools should be used from constipation.

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Looking for any excuses

Alexei Sun it gave me, and he ran away immediately by type

work cause. Yes, I was shocked and at the same time in a trance.

"Well, moron!" - I thought, and smiled slyly.

Glavbushka was happy because she got all

caramel, which she gladly was eating one after the other:

"Let esch brings! And I sing, you just do not like. "

Were the guys I've dated, but because of its

modesty, could not even kiss them. Looking for any

excuses that did not happen. Here esch my life

History: finishing the eleventh grade, I was introduced to

Disco Boy. I battled with what plantar l to

Frankly about childbirth

Why does everyone, not me.

I did not meet him, but his friend, who explained that

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Baby movement

Why should swaddling

Necessary from the outset to create suitable conditions for the normal development of the child. Premature baby swaddling will comply

best fetal position, and full-term baby in the first weeks of life would be better to settle down, falling asleep, if the hands are in his way. For as the child learns to use his freedom, he will not stop yourself from hands and from swaddling can be abandoned altogether.

Tight swaddling unacceptable. It does not give your child the ability to move. Baby movement contribute not only the development of his musculoskeletal system, but also the whole body. We prove that the child is particularly in need of motion, when the blood oxygen level decreases. Читать полностью -->

Kid notices

Lying on stomach, the child tries to lift the head and keep it several seconds.

Peer in face Mom (a few minutes, not taking his eyes).

Shows interest to large pattern can on it look up to 5 minutes.

Kid notices over yourself stationary toy, long look at it.

Looks, not taking his eyes (in course minutes) for hanging toy, gently swaying from hand in side.

Heard a sudden sound may flinch stop moving, freeze.

Distinctly monitors for sounding rattle, which moves adult in field his view, translates eyes and turns for her head.

Turns right and left head, watching his eyes for moving nezvuchaschego toys.

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And this applies

Weight control during pregnancy

Before you plan a pregnancy, it is recommended to bring your weight back to normal. And this applies primarily excessively thin women: they need to gain weight. Calculate your ideal weight is simple: you need to take away from its growth 100 (for women with narrow bone - 105-110). For example, if the growth of women - 171 cm, it is normal for weight 61-71 kg. And no need to seek to the lower boundary, and to the middle. In this case, the greater the chance that a pregnancy will occur without complications, delivery will be normal and the child will be healthy.

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