This type of vitamin E proves most effective in treating diabetes and osteoarthritis. In addition, it has a mild sedative effect, it is especially necessary for pregnant women suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia.

Nicotinamide daily rate for pregnant women is the same as nicotinic acid. It is found mainly in the same foods. When gipovitaminoze PP doctor may prescribe oral nicotinamide or intramuscularly. However, most still appointed by nicotinic acid.


At present there are many multivitamins, including for pregnant women. They are recommended to take primarily women, pregnancy which occurs during the winter and spring months when fresh fruit is gone. Читать полностью -->

Appear forehead, face

Midwife at this time carefully displays head. If you need any attempts midwife asks woman in childbirth is a little tighter fight. Appear forehead, face and chin newborn.


Since the advent of the head to complete the child's birth is just a few seconds, during which you need to push as hard as possible - there are closets.

Midwife helps the child to be born.

Sometimes when there is a clear threat to childbirth perineal. In such cases, the incision is made perineum. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, that is, you will not feel pain. Perineal incision sutured easier and better healing than laceration. Читать полностью -->

I s to s g of a second

I s to s g of a second and I'll - 4.7;

to e and t - 4.1;

with e p e n d C. and n o e - 4.0;

m o s r and g on in and I'll s - 3.7;

g of I d in g th - 2.8;

about to have Renyi m o r s to about th - 2.4;

t e l i n t and a - 2.1;

t r e i s a - 1.6;

s with p w in th e p a r i s and d - 1.59;

to a r n - 1,5;

s with p "P o with c and d skil" - 1.5;

s with p "For about a t r o m i s of th" - 1.4;

PROOF p o d n e w s and p n th - 1.32;

a m b a l a - 1.2;

s with p g l o l a n d skil - 1.14;

C. and n and n a - 1.1;

s with p h e d d e p - 1.05;

Vitamin B12 is needed primarily for pregnant women suffering from anemia.

. . . . Читать полностью -->

During the next check

yes, let him eat a treat - because he did

big kid in dry pants. Let the child

check doll panties two or three times with Perera

tion in a few minutes.

Doll "pissing" in panties

A second child and distract shed some

of water on the panties dolls. During the next

check he discovers that the doll wet. Ask

Pour the contents of the pot into the toilet

those baby express their dissatisfaction with the fact that it

"Written" in the pants, "No, Dolly, large de

vochki not wet panties. " If the kid did not say,

ask him, pointing at the doll, whether it is a child. He

should nod. Читать полностью -->

" Pose embryo . " Put baby

" Pose embryo . " Put baby on back , one hand clasp for foot , second enclose under nape and shoulders , bend slightly in loin and покачать вперед - назад . Вариант - положить малыша на бочок , слегка согнув in loin .

Put child in Sling in position " in the cradle " and walk on

apartment or go on street . Especially good valid , if the baby

not can sleep .

Descend with child in shower . Press its to himself and Arise under

water . Look , what him more like water - warm or

cool . Читать полностью -->

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