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Chrome, acting on the brain, causing a feeling of fullness during a meal, so it is especially necessary for women who are prone to overeating

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Relax all the muscles. Quiet

With tons of I with n and n o j k s t e n e n t i k and i n n and n s l o p a r k, and s and t s l o to to and from a u t i s t e n s

Glasses of champagne

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Woman excited, or, conversely, apathetic, complaining

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Pets porridgeIf any allergic conditions were observed in the child or in the immediate family, the better to lure this child porridge, cooked in broth made from apples (dried or fresh), rather than milk

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N e e f f e c t and n o s t s w a r o p o n and w and w o f th e t r a n and; at about

n e e f f e c t and n o s t s w a r o p o n and w and w o f th e t r a n and;at about z m F o n of a t s o b e h in F o and in a district and I ( in s w e o n and a n n s x with m and n t o m o in e n t , n of a s p e n d p o l and r and e r e h t o p e b e n o to n a n d b e l e t i n e d o s t a t o n o f h to about l and h e s t a F o and d to about a ton and a and s - s and t on to a h a p t s l o p and b in about t s);p in o t a;n o n o s;with s n s;y w x y d n e s about with tons of I n and I b e p e n to a l and b o p o l i a n e n o u t s and m p t o m o v.How to reduce the temperature independentlyChild be stripped as clothing prevents the evaporation of moisture from the body and self-cooling

To a r t o f E L in m u n d e and p - 200 g; x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k; I used

to a r t o f E L in m u n d e and p - 200 g;x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;I used to l o o s s e n ??o e - 1 w t.;h and d h e l e n d s - 250 m l

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Iron is found in liver, meat, egg yolks, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, fish and seafood

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It was in the first month of pregnancy, women start to feel nauseous

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to relieve stress and to create a "fair this company»a heap of trouble from their boss (because, according to curly,apartment belonged to their boss, not them)

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Biphasic breath performed in the morning, after breakfast and a few minutes relaxing to the sounds of soft music

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conversation with me, so I continued: "Do you want tomorrowgenera I Go NIL? Better days after m to give birth, when allspecialists on site

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In addition, great care must be taken drugs retinol women who suffer from allergies

9th month of pregnancy

n o m o d u t and n p and n s k and s t h e l o n s of th in m e c e d e a d o w o to d Zubov in about th to about r of th

Prevention: o g r a n s t h e n t r o b l e n e f and g to about

Prevention:o g r a n s t h e n t r o b l e n e f and g to about a ton and on in to r o n th o l o n s and in a to r s x with y t about to p l e of a p o d o in g on 1 l in d e n s

Dill and parsley

Method of preparationPeel and cut the onion rings

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Offering breast, be especially careful with applying a child and strongly encourage correct grip and accurate deflation nipple

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C o l d n and to: in and n e g r e t - 200 g; x l e b b e l s d - 1 l o m m and k; from

C o l d n and to:in and n e g r e t - 200 g;x l e b b e l s d - 1 l o m m and k;from about to about to ra n o th - 200 m l

Kids Corner Children

Experience shows, however, that help is needed, whether on vacation or husband mother in the evenings

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If you regularly visit a doctor and goes for tests, he may notice a reduction in hemoglobin content and prescribe iron supplements additionally

This procedure

Massage premature babyIt laid out on his stomach is advisable to start at 3-4 weeks of age, and if necessary (persistent constipation) and earlier

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Incidentally, hiccup them enjoy

Lemon wash and cut into

Method of preparationTomatoes washed, cut in half, remove the seeds with a teaspoon

Girls that lay ahead, saying

esch hour and a half times as I have time free for lunch.I was lucky, and everyone who was in the same time that Iin the hospital, only one thing: the fact that the hospitalexpected arrival of the commission sanepidemstantsii sodaily menu was quite varied: and omelets,porridge, and casseroles and cakes, and fish carcasses as accumulated, and moreFrankly about childbirthMiracles do happenmore

If mastitis is detected

Prevention: hygiene, early detection and treatment lactostasis, timely treatment of fractures of juices, as they are the "gateway" for infection.Treatment should be carried out immediately! In this case the child weaned do not need! Woman doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics, and the need to tell your doctor that you want to continue to breastfeed

Sometimes there may be a reduction

Digestive system and liver

"In nonsense" - I thought

there is another life and other people

Vitamin C is a powerful

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)This vitamin is perhaps the most popular

Useful knitting, sewing, embroidery, singing, playing

child is much narrower scope of the skull, the head during labor may get stuck when leaving the cervix, causing the injured and the baby and the mother

C increased flatulence

Now there several theories that same on very actually is colic and GAZ cars

Cucumber cut into

Lamb baked with cheese and potatoesIngredients200 grams of lamb, 5-6 potatoes, 1 pickle, 1-2 apples, 50 g cheese, 1 onion, 100 g sour cream, 1 bunch parsley, 20 g fat, pepper and salt to taste.Method of preparationPotatoes Wash, peel and cut into slices

When he wants

When he wants that - you say , he 's crying

By what criteria

Was tested this method ?To evaluate this method was conducted officesSocial Research

It is valid only

properties of?From the moment the child was self-sufficientbut go to the potty, he should not wear podguznimatches in the afternoon

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finger, and must be at least eight centimetersthe child began to leave

Pineapple slices

Apples are washed, peeled, cut in half, remove the core, sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with powdered sugar, put in shape, add butter and place in a moderately hot oven for 10 minutes.Figure decomposed into molds for baking, top with apples, pour pear syrup and put in a moderately hot oven for 15 minutes.Ready to decorate apples raisins and serve

Subject to the necessary

Delicate problemsAs a rule, during pregnancy many women develop a tendency to constipation, which progressively increases with increasing time

Looking for any excuses

Alexei Sun it gave me, and he ran away immediately by typework cause

Baby movement

Why should swaddlingNecessary from the outset to create suitable conditions for the normal development of the child

Kid notices

Lying on stomach, the child tries to lift the head and keep it several seconds.Peer in face Mom (a few minutes, not taking his eyes).Shows interest to large pattern can on it look up to 5 minutes.Kid notices over yourself stationary toy, long look at it.Looks, not taking his eyes (in course minutes) for hanging toy, gently swaying from hand in side.Heard a sudden sound may flinch stop moving, freeze.Distinctly monitors for sounding rattle, which moves adult in field his view, translates eyes and turns for her head.Turns right and left head, watching his eyes for moving nezvuchaschego toys.

And this applies

Weight control during pregnancyBefore you plan a pregnancy, it is recommended to bring your weight back to normal


NicotinamideThis type of vitamin E proves most effective in treating diabetes and osteoarthritis

Appear forehead, face

Midwife at this time carefully displays head

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I s to s g of a second and I'll - 4.7;to e and t - 4.1;with e p e n d C

During the next check

yes, let him eat a treat - because he didbig kid in dry pants

" Pose embryo . " Put baby

" Pose embryo

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more fruits and vegetables, abandoned sausages, sausages and fromand spice products containing different "E"stabilizers and dyes

Hardening and reupload

Hardening and reupload on tummyEspecially combined these two threads , because that ventilate child ass better all , laying its on tummy .If you all - still decide use pacifier , then not Remember to buy and special clip to its mounting , to not lose at a walk , and also have with yourself always spare , exactly such same .And I you beg , if the nipple fell , not must its lick and again giving a child ! You even not represent yourself , what number of microorganisms , threatening the health of the baby , is contained in your saliva !And yet

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Shiki! ", just for the fact that his pants dry" This confeta for Billy

It is essential

Daily requirement - 1000 ME.Edited and published on the site: PRESSI (HERSON) imageFolic acid (vitamin C) it is particularly important during pregnancy


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